Ranking Every Game of Thrones Season, From Worst to First

Author Thumbnail Jon Arvedon May 21, 2019 15:25 PM

2Season 2

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Season 2 is admittedly home to one of the best battle sequences in all of Game of Thrones, the Battle of the Blackwater, which solidified Tyrion Lannister as a fan-favorite character. However, Daenerys’ time in Qarth dragged on for far too long, turning one of the show’s most engaging characters into the least interesting part of the entire season. Elsewhere, we had Theon’s betrayal of Robb, Brienne’s journey to bring Jaime home, Arya serving under Tywin and Jon Snow’s trek behind the wall. And while each of these plotlines resulted in some entertaining moments, few of them are particularly memorable in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps the most lasting effect is that the dynamic between Jaime and Brienne made the former a much more palatable character, but there wasn’t enough substance elsewhere to justify placing Season 2 in a more favorable position on this list.

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