Iron Man’s Best MCU Moments

Author Thumbnail Jon Arvedon June 24, 2019 12:05 PM

3The Grand Prix Battle

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Say what you will about Iron Man 2 but Tony’s first encounter with Ivan Vanko/Whiplash at the Monaco Grand Prix is an absolute gem. Plus, we get the introduction of the Mark V armor, which deploys from a briefcase in a fun nod to the comics.

4The Consultant

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Our first introduction to the notion of the MCU being a shared universe came in the post-credits scene of The Incredible Hulk, where we saw Tony approach a drunken General Thaddeus Ross. This, of course, was later repurposed in the Marvel One-Shot The Consultant, and while it’s a relatively minor moment, it was the start of something bigger than most fans could have ever imagined.

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