Every Game Of Thrones Episode Ranked From Worst To First

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#62- The Night Lands (S2E2)

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In this episode, we’re introduced to not only the Iron Islands but Yara Greyjoy, who doesn’t really end up doing anything noteworthy for another three or four years. While “The Night Lands” isn’t quite as strong as the Season 2 premiere, the moody tone, dark intrigue, and hefty dose of Tyrion help make up for the overall lack of action. Still, the decision to leave out several major characters ultimately alienates viewers who aren’t fully invested in each and every ongoing plot thread, which is a tough act to balance with such a massive ensemble cast.

#61- The House of Black and White (S5E2)

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In “The House of Black and White,” we see Arya arrive in Braavos to begin her most uninspired, uninteresting arc of the entire series. Elsewhere, we see Jon Snow appointed as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jaime preparing to rescue Myrcella, and a whole lot of other instances of pure setup that help pave the road for later episodes, but do little to ramp up the pace after the equally lethargic season premiere.

#60- High Sparrow (S5E3)

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Despite the episode taking its name from the religious leader played by Jonathan Pryce, the true standout of “High Sparrow” is Jon Snow, who proves how seriously he takes his newfound position as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch by executing the insubordinate Lord Janos Slynt. While Season 5 as a whole was the weakest of the series, this episode marked a turning point in which viewers were given a sense of hope for what was to come. What’s more, nearly every segment serves a significant purpose, with very little filler to weigh the narrative down.

#59- The Broken Man (S6E7)

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As we approach the latter half of Season 6, “The Broken Man” succeeds in keeping the episode from feeling like mere setup for the finale by reintroducing long-forgotten characters such as The Hound, while also inserting some fresh-faced newcomers – most notably Lyanna Mormont – into the fray. The Arya/Braavos scenes, while not great, are more bearable than usual, and Olenna Tyrell is as captivating as ever. “The Broken Man” isn’t the type of episode that leaves you gasping, but it is the type that makes such episodes possible.

#58- Dark Wings, Dark Words (S3E2)

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Although “Dark Wings, Dark Words” introduces a number of memorable characters, it comes at the expense of pacing. Thankfully, the episode begins to rev up once the formalities are taken care of. From there, we get such stand-out moments as the hard-hitting duel that leads to the Bolton’s capture of Jaime and Brienne, as well as the budding relationship between Joffrey and Margaery. And while Ramsay’s torturing of Theon would eventually overstay its welcome, at this point in the season, it still felt like fitting retribution for his heel turn and betrayal of the Starks.

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