8 Most Badass Things Thanos Has Ever Done In The Comics

Author Thumbnail Jon Arvedon December 05, 2017 08:53 AM

#8- Turned His Daughter Into An Assassin (And Also Killed Her)

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Born among the peaceful Zen Whoberis, Gamora became the sole survivor of her race when they were wiped out by a genocidal religious empire. However, before she met the same fate, she was rescued by Thanos, who brought her from Earth-7528 to Earth-616 (the main Marvel Universe).

Thanos would raise Gamora as his own, using sophisticated technology to grant her enhanced abilities, while simultaneously instilling his own corrupted values into her, thereby blurring her perception of the lines between good and evil and turning her into his own personal weapon.

Gamora would remain a loyal soldier of Thanos until she learned of his plan to destroy the universe as a sacrifice to Lady Death. Finally realizing the error of her ways, Gamora attempted to kill Thanos but instead lost her own life in the battle.

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