7 Funniest Moments in Deadpool 2

Author Thumbnail Maria Guanzon May 27, 2018 18:04 PM

7Juggernaut Ripping Deadpool in Half

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As the exhilarating highway sequence end, there is a slow-motion shot of Deadpool wrapping is his legs around Cable’s neck to land safely. The biggest guy in the Icebox is finally revealed. It’s Juggernaut who we last saw from X-Men: The Last Stand. 

Deadpool is really excited to see Juggernaut. The giant mutant charges towards Deadpool with murderous intent saying, “I’m gonna rip you in half now.” “That’s such a Juggernaut thing to do,” the Merc With a Mouth replies as Juggernaut tears his upper body from his legs.

It is revealed that Juggernaut and Russell will work together to get his revenge to the Headmaster. Deadpool asks Russell,”What’s Juggernaut got that I don’t have? Don’t you say legs!” Russell mocks him by using his fingers to gesture walking then flashing dirty fingers. He said, “LEGS!” To add salt to the injury, Russell exits doing the rope pull dance step.

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