7 Things We Need to See in Final Fantasy VII Remake 2

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Final Fantasy VII Remake gave our beloved characters slight redesigns that paid tribute to their original looks while also modernizing them. The only complaints came from pervs who hated Tifa wearing a sports bra but it would have been nice to see some alternate costumes players could use. Though characters switched up their looks a number of times, most of the game had them in their regular attires.

It would be nice to have some costumes for players to choose as a way to make their games more colorful and unique. You could add their classic costumes like the Resident Evil remakes did or maybe have alternate outfits that pay tribute to other Final Fantasy games. Who doesn’t want to see Cloud as Zidane? Or Aerith Terra Branford? Fanservice like this would be greatly appreciated.

5The Midgar Zolom

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The original Final Fantasy VII had The Midgar Zolom as a pretty hard optional boss for players to take on if they wanted to go through a particularly foggy area. Players had to grind a ton if they wanted to do some big damage to this nasty serpent and we can only imagine how much harder this would be if done in the style of FF7R. That’s why they should do it.

There are multiple ways they can go to make The Midgar Zolom a boss for the sequel. Making it a boss you encounter while playing through the story would probably get a mixed reaction so we suggest keeping it an optional boss for players to discover themselves. Maybe make it an endgame boss for those that want an additional challenge to play through.

6Less Sephiroth (Until the End)

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FF7R changed up the early interaction Cloud and Sephiroth had with each other a lot by having the silver-haired antagonist haunt SOLDIER boy early on. While his constant mocking made for some effective sequences, others thought that it overexposed Sephiroth and robbed him of his aura. Since the group’s main objective is to stop Sephiroth in the sequel, it might be best to hold off on his appearances this time.

The first game ended with an intense boss fight against Sephiroth but for the sequel, it might be best to save him until the ending. Why? Well, many of us are expecting Aerith to die in the second installment and it would be great to not see Sephiroth at all in the sequel until that moment when he stabs The Ancient, just like in the original. Then again, the game might change things up and have Cloud die in the end.

Speaking of that…

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