50 Underplayed Magic: The Gathering Blue Commander Cards

Author Thumbnail Brian McCormick October 26, 2019 15:13 PM

6Mist of Stagnation

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Mist of Stagnation is another untap lockdown card that often gets overlooked. Combo this with cards that keep cards out of graveyards like Leyline of the Void.


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Yes, you are probably going to run Rhystic Study, but that card get's annoying after a while. People don't enjoy having to decide every time they cast a spell whether to pay the cost or not. Insight, on the other hand, will draw you a lot of cards if anyone on the table is running green. It also draws you a card regardless of their action, so opponents won't find it so annoying. Hence, it is likely to stick around on the table for a bit longer.

8Reins of Power

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Reins of Power is such a great Commander card. You can gain control of a player's army to save yourself from lethal, take lethal power from an opponent to knock out another player, and so much more. I recommend adding this to any blue Commander deck.

9Whirlpool Drake

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I often run Mulldrifter in my blue Commander decks, but Whirlpool Drake cost 1 mana less and is a worthy consideration. Although it doesn't represent any actual card advantage, being able to reset a bad hand at any time can really help you dig for combo pieces and answers.


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If you're running Blue, you're running Ponder. But why run one, when you can run two Ponders? If you want more one mana draw cards, you can't go wrong here. Plus you can stack and shuffle any players deck, which is quite useful if they just tutored something on top. You can also combine this with cards that put things in play on top of their owner's library, then shuffle them away.

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