5 Ways J.J. Abrams Can Redeem the Star Wars Franchise

Author Thumbnail Jon Arvedon April 17, 2019 09:19 AM

5Provide a Backstory for Snoke

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In The Force Awakens, we were introduced to Supreme Leader Snoke, the enigmatic figurehead of the villainous First Order. As a projection, he loomed tall over Kylo Ren and General Hux, and fans were eager to learn more about him in The Last Jedi. However, rather than discover who Snoke really was, or even where he came from, fans watched as he was sliced in half by Kylo Ren.

Admittedly, this was an epic moment that set the stage for an equally epic clash between Kylo Ren, Rey and the Elite Praetorian Guard. Still, it’s easy to see why some fans were disappointed.

That being said, in Episode IX, perhaps Abrams could provide some insight as to how Snoke came to power in the first place. Even if it’s done posthumously, it’d go a long way in terms of giving the sequel trilogy a more well-rounded narrative throughline. Otherwise, Snoke will feel like nothing more than an out-of-place antagonist who never really mattered.

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