5 Reasons Why Ron Weasley is the Greatest Gryffindor Ever

Author Thumbnail Jack Holder August 01, 2016 22:28 PM

1Beat McGonagall at Chess

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Can he claim the crown just from this?

Ron Weasley had an okay beginning to Hogwarts. Sorted in to his family’s House, he enjoyed a small measure of popularity amongst the boys in his class. Mostly, his achievements resided in complete obscurity (including taking on a particularly nasty troll one Halloween night).

In fact, the only thing Ron Weasley was good at that first year was wizard’s chess. A fair hand at the game, he then proceeded to do the impossible, and beat the best the school had to offer. Maggi…Minerva McGonagall.

Consider this success carefully. This challenge was to win access to the Philosopher’s Stone. The Hogwarts Professors wanted none to get even close to the prize. Professor McGonagall, second only to Dumbledore, designed a chess game that was intended to never be bypassed. And Ron Weasley dismantled her strategies.

While he never saw the culmination of these efforts, Ron is credited with the victory. He took the best that Gryffindor had to offer, their Professor, and soundly beat her.

As Dumbledore said, it was “the best game of chess that Hogwarts had seen these many years.

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