5 Biggest Reveals from The Rise of Skywalker

Author Thumbnail Nobelle Borines December 22, 2019 07:10 AM

1Emperor Palpatine’s Return

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It didn’t take long before it was confirmed that Emperor Palpatine is back and that he has been sending out a message proclaiming the return of the Sith. Not surprisingly, everyone is worried about Darth Sidious preparing for his comeback. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren immediately set out to look for the villain, procures a Sith Wayfinder device, and finds Palpatine hiding in the planet Exogol.

As it turns out, Palpatine had survived the fall in Return of the Jedi although he has been physically impaired from the ordeal. Nevertheless, he has already amassed a fleet of Star Destroyers which are capable of destroying entire planets. Moreover, Palpatine has been the true mastermind who was controlling the First Order right from the start.

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