4 Ways the Mutants Can be Introduced to the MCU

Author Thumbnail Bayani Miguel Acebedo July 16, 2020 12:13 PM

3The Deadpool Movies Already Take Place in the MCU

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If there’s one character that should be salvaged from the Marvel Fox Universe, it’s definitely Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. With a lot of hope for Reynolds to be brought into the MCU soon, they could very well use the Deadpool movies to establish the mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After all, mutants are all over the DP films already, and their connection with the main Fox timeline is kind of blurry. If Marvel doesn’t want to spend all this work re-establishing mutants into their world, the world of Deadpool already gives us the X-Mansion as well as the superhuman prison, The Ice Box. They even have an anti-mutant squad already established with the DMC/Department of Mutant Control.



When it comes to the cons of this method, it doesn’t allow Marvel Studios the freedom to really come up with a fresh take on the mutants. There’s also still the question of why SHIELD or the Avengers haven’t been talking about mutants this whole time. Probably the best thing about this move would be the immediate canonization of Deadpool, as well as the fast establishment of mutants into the world without having to explain too much.

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