35 Underplayed Magic: The Gathering White Commander Cards

Author Thumbnail Brian McCormick August 27, 2018 18:49 PM

11Dimensional Breach

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Dimensional breach is one of the most powerful removal spells in the game. Not only does it exile creatures, artifacts, and enchantments, it also exiles lands. If you had enchantments in play like Pariah, you can bring them back at your upkeep in response to an opponent choosing a threat to return to play. Dimensional Breach can buy you a lot of extra turns and set the field into a more leveled playing position. It also permanently deals with tokens. Think of it as white's seven mana Cyclonic Rift, but in exchange for downgrading to Sorcery speed, you get to exile lands.


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The Oracle text for Equipoise reads, "At the beginning of your upkeep, for each land target player controls in excess of the number you control, choose a land that player controls, then the chosen permanents phase out. Repeat this process for artifacts and creatures. (While they’re phased out, they’re treated as though they don’t exist. They phase in before that player untaps during their next untap step.)"

Equipoise is a great way to get your hits in or cut off potential counter mana (you get to choose which permanents phase out). For only three mana, this can put in a lot of work over the course of a game. Because the phased out permanents don't phase in until that players turn, this allows multiple players to get in free hits against a dominating player seated to your right.


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Exile is a valuable consideration for your spot removal suite. Exiling a creature will deal with everything but hexproof and shroud. Swords and Path are still the better card because they can target white creatures and non-attackers and cost less mana. The life gain from Exile can screw up combat math to your advantage.

14Change of Heart

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I'm slowly starting to see Change of Heart pop-up in Commander lists, and for good reason! In 1 v 1 games, Change of Heart is particularly useful. For four mana, you can shut down their commander attacks every turn until the end of time. Its usefulness is narrow, but it can help stall you out of dead draws and provides a useful outlet for extra mana.

15Global Ruin

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Armageddon is quite popular in white. Just like decks run both Swords and Path, you should consider running Global Ruin in your Armageddon deck. It has the fringe benefit of getting indestructible lands into the graveyard since they are sacrificed rather than destroyed. If you run more basics than opponent's this can be a mostly one-sided Armageddon.

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