35 Underplayed Magic: The Gathering White Commander Cards

Author Thumbnail Brian McCormick August 27, 2018 18:49 PM

6Dust to Dust

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Everyone knows Return to Dust, which is almost universally played. Dust to Dust is an older card and has a mana cost of 3 instead of 4. The only downside is you have to have 2 legal targets for this to resolve and it's a sorcery. If you find opponent's getting too far ahead by turn 3 on artifacts, Dust to Dust may be a better choice for you.

7Selfless Squire

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Selfless Squire is a newer card that hasn't caught on yet. Imagine your opponent swinging at you for 10. Rather than block, you cast this to prevent all that damage and get an 11/11 in the process. Squire can save you games and win you games. What more can you ask for from a four mana card?


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I've been running Crackdown for a long time. Except for the bad luck of a mono-white matchup and a few vigilant creatures, it's been incredibly strong in slowing down the beats. You can combo with many of white's cards that affect creatures with "power four or greater". It also combos well with cards like Blind Authority that cause your opponent's creatures to enter the battlefield tapped.

9Dawn Charm

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Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile are staple white instants that deserve a slot in almost every white deck. In the same regard, Dawn Charm is a card you should consider including as well. In every game, you're likely going to want to regenerate a creature, fog a turn, or counter a spell that targets you. Dawn Charms looks innocuous, but its usefulness in versatility is its strength. Test it out! I think you'll like it.

10Debt of Loyalty

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The Oracle text reads, "Regenerate target creature. You gain control of that creature if it regenerates this way." That's right, white has a 3 mana Mind Control card! This is especially useful in multiplayer games when you can take your pick during various combat steps. You can also use this to regenerate your own creature if needed.

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