30 Underplayed Magic: The Gathering Green Commander Cards

Author Thumbnail Brian McCormick December 06, 2018 14:03 PM


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Exploration is a well-known card and played in a fair amount of green Commander decks. It's still not played as often as it should be. There are very few green decks that couldn't be improved by it. Exploration is especially powerful at ramping you ahead of your opponents and extremely mana efficient for only 1 green mana. It essentially pays for itself when you cast it on turn one and put down your extra land from hand.


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Burgeoning isn't quite as powerful as Exploration in a 1 v 1 Commander game because you don't get to use your mana right away on your turn. Despite that, it essentially does the same thing as Exploration in ramping your lands quickly. If you are considering running Exploration, you should probably run Burgeoning as well to add consistency to your strategy. In a multiplayer game with 4 players, Burgeoning can be incredibly explosive, ramping you multiple lands every turn.

8Wild Growth

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Wild Growth is the lesser known variant of Utopia Sprawl. It's a powerful ramp effect for its mana cost and pairs especially well with cards that let you untap lands. Unlike Utopia Sprawl, you can enchant any land.

9Nature's Will

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Nature's Will combos with quite a few other cards that you'll want to consider pairing it with in your deck. Being able to untap all your lands is a powerful ability. Shutting off your opponent's lands can be even stronger. After all, if your opponent is tapped out, they won't be able to use countermagic or respond to any degenerate plays you make for the rest of the turn. Consider running cards that prevent your opponent from untapping lands to make it even better.

10Okina, Temple to The Grandfathers

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There are only a few reasons why you shouldn't run Okina. The main reason is to not get hosed by cards that punish players for running non-basics. Unless you think those cards are particularly good against your strategy and are played in your meta, you should automatically be playing Okina. You never know when that +1 pump can be the difference between winning and losing. It might not happen a lot, but if it happens more often than having a non-basic will kill you, you should run it.

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