110 Board Wipes For Your Magic: The Gathering Commander & EDH Deck

Author Thumbnail Brian McCormick August 27, 2020 13:19 PM

11Plague Wind

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Sure, it costs a lot of mana, but it leaves all your creatures in play.

12Fated Retribution

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There's cheaper mass removal in white that also hits other types of permanents. This one might be good in an enchantment based deck, or if you really value the scry.


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This is the most iconic blue mass bounce effect. It's pretty good at buying time. The good thing about bounce is it kills all tokens. You can also replay your own creatures for their Enter the Battlefield effects.

14Life’s Finale

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This works well with graveyard recursion for your opponent's graveyard. It also removes big threats from their decks.


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It's a lot of mana but it can't be countered and destroys all lands. Super powerful when combined with Planeswalkers and indestructible permanents.

16Planar Cleansing

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Simple and elegant. It destroys all nonlands. A nice all-encompassing catch-all for 6  mana.

17Akroma’s Vengeance

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Akroma’s Vengeance is one of my all-time favorites. It doesn't hit Planeswalkers, since it was printed before them, so take note. It does however work well if you run your own Planeswalkers. The cycling cost is a nice benefit if you have to dig.

18Hallowed Burial

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Hallowed Burial is my #1 mass removal spell for Commander. It gets rid of everything for a castable cost of 5 mana. Indestructible and graveyard recursion do nothing in the face of Hallowed Burial. The extra mana over Wrath of God is worth it. At the same time, 6 mana for exile board wipes can be too late and too steep vs many opponents. Hallowed Burial exists in that sweet spot. Try it out. I think you'll like it!


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Destroy all lands is pretty strong, but sometimes you can't do that effect because you're behind on the board. If you are, just destroy all creatures. Also, the artwork is beautiful.

20Deadly Tempest

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Not many board wipes can also win the game. That puts Deadly Tempest in a unique category. If your opponent has a ton of tokens in play (think a Krenko deck), this card wrecks them.

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