10 Things You Might Not Know About Batman '89

Author Thumbnail Jon Arvedon June 09, 2019 08:22 AM


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While Mel Gibson has only recently started being removed from Hollywood’s blacklist, he was a hot commodity in the late 1980s. In fact, at one point, he was Warner Bros.’ top choice for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. However, due to his commitment to Lethal Weapon 2, Gibson had to pass.

6Jack Who?

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In the comic book source material, The Joker’s real name remains a mystery. However, in Batman, he was given the alter ego Jack Napier, which was created specifically for the film. The name itself is derived from the word “jackanapes,” which is a medieval term used to describe a fool who resembles an ape. Furthermore, it’s also a nod to actor Alan Napier, who played Alfred Pennyworth in the 1966 Batman TV series.

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