10 Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Facts From Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Author Thumbnail Jon Arvedon January 09, 2018 22:47 PM

#8- The Real Reason For The Porgs

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Much like the ewoks in Return of the Jedi, many fans believed that the porgs in The Last Jedi were nothing more than a cash-grab meant to appeal to younger audiences. In actuality, though, there’s a practical reason for their inclusion in the film. According to director Rian Johnson, the porgs are a result of puffins being native to Skellig Michael, the aforementioned island where the Ahch-To scenes were filmed. As a protected species, Johnson wasn’t permitted to remove them while shooting, and since digitally removing them would have been far too laborious, he opted to instead use CGI to transform them into the new, cuddly creatures we see in the film.

#7- Don’t Call Her A Mary Sue

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One of the common complaints of The Force Awakens was that Daisy Ridley’s Rey was a Mary Sue – an idealized and seemingly perfect character who was inexplicably adept at everything the plot required. However, it turns out that much like Rey, Ridley is just naturally gifted. According to stunt coordinator Liang Yang, the lightsaber choreography Ridley performs in The Last Jedi typically takes upwards of three days to master. For Ridley, it only took about 90 minutes.

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