10 Bizarre Superpowers You Won't Believe Exist

Author Thumbnail Caitlin Donovan March 20, 2017 18:19 PM

#1- Matter Eater Lad's Powers

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When it comes to weird superpowers the legion of superheroes is a minefield. Possibly the most famous weird superhero among them is Matter Eater Lad.

Intoduced in 1962, his real name was Tenzil Kem and his power was the ability to eat…anything. He could eat and digest all matter. The origin of his ability is just as bizarre as the ability itself. On his home planet, some pesky microbes made all the food inevitable, so his people evolved to be able to eat all matter because that is definitely how evolution works.

Writers had a hard time making Matter Eater Lad useful in stories (I mean, conceivably he could just eat the bad guys, but that’s a bit too gruesome) so he was often shoved to the side. One time he totally ate this supposedly indestructible machine to save everyone though, and all the weird mojo in it drove him insane. And you thought your digestive problems were unpleasant.

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