10 Best Easter Eggs From Jessica Jones Season 2

Author Thumbnail Jon Arvedon March 12, 2018 14:07 PM

#10- The Whizzer and the… Mongoose?

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In Episode 1, we see Jessica meet with several individuals seeking her help. Among them is a heavyset gentleman by the name of Robert Coleman, who introduces himself as the Whizzer. This, of course, is a direct nod to the much more physically fit speedster Robert Frank, aka the Whizzer, who debuted in USA Comics #1 in 1941. Although Coleman has super-speed and sports a similar yellow-and-blue color scheme, the two characters don’t share too much else in common… except for the mongoose connection. In the show, Coleman has a pet mongoose named Emil, while in the comics, Frank’s powers are the result of a blood transfusion with a mongoose (because why not?), which is performed by his father, Dr. Emil Frank.

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