Why Critics Are Wrong About Justice League

Author Thumbnail BY Jon Arvedon - November 30, 2017

After a shaky start, Warner Bros. and DC’s fledgling cinematic universe seemed to be heading in the right direction when this summer’s superheroine blockbuster Wonder Woman received near-universal praise from critics and fans alike. However, not even Gal Gadot reprising her role as the Amazon Princess was enough to stop critics from panning WB’s fifth installment in the DCEU, Justice League.

Without question, this superhero ensemble film is polarizing. Even we here at Epicstream found things we loved and things that left us feeling underwhelmed. Is Justice League a bad movie, though? Far from it, despite not being the critical and financial success WB had hoped for. In fact, judging by the fan reception, a case could be made that the film might not have been judged as fairly by critics as other modern superhero films. With that in mind, here’s why critics are wrong about Justice League:

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