Vegeta Becomes Killmonger in This Dragon Ball Fan Art

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - March 06, 2018

Thanks to the breakout success of Marvel's Black Panther, the worlds of Dragon Ball and Marvel comics have been colliding lately. We already know that Erik Killmonger actor Michael B. Jordan is a professed anime fan, and fans want to see him play Vegeta in a live-action Dragon Ball film. Fans were also quick to point out that Killmonger was dressed in Saiyan-style armor similar to what Vegeta wore in Dragon Ball Z. Now, it's time to reverse the roles: what if Vegeta becomes Killmonger? What would he look like? Check out this fan art: 

The Saiyan armor is mixed with Killmonger's style in a cool way. His Saiyan ape mask is also a callback to Black Panther as it reminds us of the tribal relic Killmonger stole in the museum. Around his neck is a necklace signifying Saiyan royalty, which is also a nice callback to the film. 

Marvel's Black Panther is now showing in theaters worldwide. 

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