25 Currently Standard Legal Cards Used In Pro Tour Rivals Of Ixalan

Author Thumbnail BY Shant Krikorian - February 12, 2018

Here is a list of Standard format legal cards used in Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan. I have not included some as I pulled the data only from the top decks. Those cards include a copy of Cast Out from the sideboard. It is quite interesting to see that Modern is quite healthy right now as the Top 8 decks have proven. It is also quite refreshing to see Standard format legal cards getting some plays in and out of the camera.

Check them out: 

#1- Inspiring Vantage

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We have seen allied color fast lands from almost every deck in Modern format and it is no wonder that the enemy color is being used as well. Some include a one-to-three or a full set of it based on how they want it. Inspiring Vantage made it to the 75 of Burn deck to mitigate the loss of life compared to fetching a shock land. The other colors also have the same reason, especially midrange and control decks.

#2- Concealed Courtyard

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Concealed Courtyard is also from the enemy color set of fast lands printed in Kaladesh. B/W Eldrazi included a full set of it for the same reason as the others, to mitigate the loss of life.

#3- Blooming Marsh

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When Blooming Marsh was first spoiled, most if not all of Abzan players included it to their 75. The deck needs to survive the first few turns and Blooming Marsh made sure that you no longer lose 5 life on your first turn by fetching an Overgrown Tomb to cast Thoughtseize. It's already a quarter of your life that you just lost, and when you're up against a Burn deck, I certainly guarantee that you will never win. If you do, call it a miracle.

#4- Spirebluff Canal

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Spirebluff Canal is also a new card included in decks like U/R Pyromancer that has a plan to make the battle go longer and U/R Storm when it started to switch into fetchless just to save huge amount of life.

#5- Botanical Sanctum

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Lantern Control was the deck that most players and viewers didn't expect to win Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan just a week ago. Luis Salvatto included three copies of it for a higher chance of casting Ancient Stirrings on turn one. HeĀ also uses it to cast Whir of Invention without paying too much life via Spire of Industry, which is also currently a Standard format legal card.

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