Top 20 Magic: The Gathering Cards To Beat Dredge in Modern

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles
November 07, 2018  11:36 AM
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Thanks to Creeping Chill being printed in Guilds of Ravnica, Dredge is becoming a more popular archetype in Modern. Hating out graveyard-based decks is nothing new, but there's a lot of cards to consider when trying to pick the right one for the current meta and your deck. Here at Epicstream, we've taken a look at the best sideboard cards in Modern that give you an edge against Dredge decks.

In no particular order, here are our top 20 sideboard cards to beat Dredge in Modern:

1Rest in Peace

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Rest in Peace is one of the most powerful answers against Dredge in Modern. It exiles everything in the graveyard and stops anything from going into the graveyard until it is answered. The main downside to Rest in Peace is that it prevents your own graveyard strategies from working as well. That means no more Snapcaster Mage flashbacks, Tarmogoyf's dealing damage, etc...

2Relic of Progenitus

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Relic cantrips and is colorless so it's a good addition to decks that want the card advantage. Relic is not a permanent answer to Dredge and will only act as a speed bump for a turn or two. You'll need to follow Relic up with pressure or more answers.

3Surgical Extraction

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Surgical is helpful, but not a silver bullet. Hitting a Bloodghast can slow down their deck and buy you time. Surgical is probably best used alongside Snapcaster Mage, where you can flashback to take out multiple pieces.

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