Top 15 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards Printed At Common Rarity

Author Thumbnail BY Shant Krikorian - March 06, 2018

When we see a common Magic card, we usually think that it's worth less than a dollar. There are actually some cards printed in common rarity that actually turned out to be expensive. Some can be seen with a price tag of almost $60 a piece or at $40. This list features the most expensive cards printed in common rarity. I bet you'll want to dust off those cards from your basement and see if you have one or more of any on this list. Just a precaution though, not even a single card on the list is included in the Reserved List, expect that most if not all will be reprinted someday.

In no particular order, here is your list of the most expensive commons Magic: The Gathering has to offer so far. 

#15- Quirion Ranger

Feature Detail

Expansion first printed: Visions and FNM promo card.

Price Tag: $3+

Quirion Ranger is first printed in Visions that is a highly sought card by Pauper format players and also Legacy. Some players include it in their Commander decks. It also has a special print which is an FNM card that costs $50 a piece. It really is quite expensive and also very rare to see nowadays.

#14- Flying Men

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Expansion first printed: Arabian Nights and Timeshifted.

Price Tag: $10+

There's nothing new when you see a card printed in Arabian Nights and say, "What a pricey card it is that doesn't do much but fly and attack for 1 damage". I know, it really is quite expensive but you can also check its second print in Timeshifted that only costs less than $1. What slightly bothers me is that it was named Flying Men but the art only shows one man in a carpet and flying, though the flavor text states twenty flying men. Why not name it Twenty Flying Men? Yea, no big deal. I just saw it and made me scratch my head. By the way, some Commander players love to include it on their list.

#13- Gush

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Expansion printed: Mercadian Masques, Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra and Duel Decks: Anthology.

Price Tag: $4+

"OH MY GOSH!" is what I usually hear when people see that the card went up as high as $12 each on its Duel Deck: Anthology print and $5 each for its first print in Mercadian Masques. The main culprit is Pauper format followed by Commander players. With three prints out, the card seems to stay at around $5 each just because a lot of players love the card.

#12- Darkness

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Expansion printed: Legends and Timeshifted.

Price Tag: $7+

Legends is a set that contains highly expensive cards such as The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, Moat, The Abyss, Nether Void, Chains of Mephistopheles and Eureka. The cards you won't see a lot on the table since most of them were already in the possession of high-end collectors. Some of these are on the reserved list so the price is expected to be as high as it possibly could. Darkness though is also printed on this set which has been printed as well in Timeshifted. It is commonly used by Miller decks in Modern format and Commander players.

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