Top 10 Non-Ixalan Dinosaurs in Magic: The Gathering

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - January 03, 2018

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Dinosaur cards existed in the Magic: The Gathering multiverse way before Ixalan, the dinosaur-focused set was released. Sure, they were not officially "dinosaurs" back then but right before Ixalan was released, their creature types officially became dinosaurs. A total of 14 cards got updated but in this list, I'm only counting down the 10 best dinosaur cards that were not introduced in Ixalan or Rivals of Ixalan sets. 

Check out the Top 10 non-Ixalan dinosaur cards below: 

#10- Frenetic Raptor

Feature Detail

First set appearance: Legions

Former type/s: Lizard Beast

New type/s: Dinosaur Beast

This card most likely didn't see competitive play back in the day but the ability to disable other beasts in the field sounds fun, especially if your opponent has more of them. Its flavor text is also nice: 

"How do you stop a raptor from charging? No, seriously! Help!" ~ Blarg, Goblin Jester

#9- Tyrannax

First set appearance: Fifth Dawn

Former type/s: Beast

New type/s: Dinosaur Beast

Here's another six-drop dinosaur that could increase its toughness. The art by Carl Critchlow shows a unique kind of dinosaur that makes its look unforgettable. Plus, it tries to be clever with its flavor text: "It outnumbers you one

#8- Shivan Raptor

Feature Detail

First set appearance: Urza's Saga

Former type/s: Lizard 

New type/s: Dinosaur

I remember getting this card when I was a kid. A 3/1 raptor with First Strike and Haste is not bad even if you have to pay its Echo cost to keep it alive. 

#7- Imperiosaur

Feature Detail

First set appearance: Future Sight

Former type/s: Lizard

New type/s: Dinosaur

It's a 5/5 dinosaur that you can cast for four but you can only use basic lands to play it. Seeing a ferocious dinosaur in a Future Sight frame is nice, and I thought the flavor text did a good job telling a background story for this creature: 

An ancient, powerful force has overtaken the valley. I sympathize for its former inhabitants, but I rejoice for the land itself."
—Olanti, Muraganda druid

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