This Fan-Made Cyberpunk Magic: The Gathering Set is Awesome

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - November 06, 2017
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Image credit: Wizards of the Coast

We've seen some creative fan-made Magic: The Gathering sets before, like the ones based on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Starcraft, X-Men and even Star Wars. While the lore of the popular card game is known for sticking to its modern and traditional fantasy roots, some fans like myself have been dreaming of seeing a set inspired by Cyberpunk themes. Wizards of the Coast already created a Steampunk world (Kaladesh) but Cyberpunk may be just too futuristic for a franchise known for its fantasy roots. 

However, Reddit user Zarepath recently shared a custom Cyberpunk Magic set he created using artwork from various artists from DeviantArt and other sources. You can check out the cards he created below. The fan-made set called Netropolis has 254 custom cards, and features cool mechanics like Upload, Supremacy, Arm, and Virus. There are also mechs, cyber ninjas, hackers, biker punks, and mutants that players can summon. This is the best fan-made Magic set I've seen, and I hope that Wizards will be inspired to make an official Cyberpunk expansion in the future. 

#1- Police Impressment

#2- Back in Action

#3- Sonic Scream

#4- N-FORCE Sergeant

#5- Street Enforcer

#6- Street Sentinel

#7- Peacekeeper

#8- Public Broadcast

#9- Rooftop Rebel

#10- Police Discretion

#11- Suppression Angel

#12- Pre-Crime Agent

#13- Stirring Pride

#14- Skyguard Angel

#15- Outfitted For Battle

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