The Top 10 Cards That Dominated the First Magic: the Gathering Mythic Championship

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By Nick Price | More Articles MTG Expert and List Writer
March 05, 2019  12:00 PM
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Magic the Gathering concluded its first Mythic Championship last month in Cleveland, Ohio, with Autumn Burchett taking the rebranded Pro Tour down with the breakout deck of the tournament and probably of this Standard format-Mono-Blue Tempo.

Coverage of this Mythic Championship was exciting and diverse, with six different decks making the Top 8 and many more archetypes filling out the rest of the standings on Day 2. Standard with Ravnica Allegiance looks to have room for a ton of different creatures and spells to shine.

In this list, let's look at 10 cards that made a huge impact at the Mythic Championship. Some of them took center stage in archetypes that performed well, while others were effective role players in the main decks or sideboards of different lists. Standard players should expect to see a lot of these cards in the weeks to come.

10Arclight Phoenix

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After a breakout performance in the first weeks of Guilds of Ravnica Standard as the cornerstone of the combo-like Izzet deck, Arclight Phoenix hasn’t seen much play. The build with Pteramander, Crackling Drake, and Enigma Drake has been by far the more popular choice because it’s less all-in and more value-oriented than Phoenix lists.

At the Mythic Championship, however, Arclight Phoenix rose from the ashes in the hands of legendary pro Luis Scott-Vargas to finish in the Top 4. Interestingly, LSV’s decklist, which was also played by Alexander Hayne and Sam Pardee to decent finishes, contained no cards from the new set except a single Blood Crypt, used to cast the second half of Discovery//Dispersal.

LSV may have fallen at the hands of finalist Yoshihiko Ikawa’s powerful Esper Control deck, but he did prove to Standard players the world over that Arclight Phoenix can still get the job done.

9Legion's Landing

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White aggressive decks were the third most played archetype at the MC, making up 13% of the Day 2 metagame. Marcio Carvalho racked up his 6th Mythic Championship Top 8 (Wizards of the Coast has retroactively named Pro Tours MCs) playing Azorius Aggro, featuring a mono-white main deck and blue disruption in the sideboard.

One might think that History of Benalia is the most important card in that deck, but according to the coverage team, the Portuguese Magic Pro League player handed that honor to Legion’s Landing. He likened the card to a Llanowar Elves with Lifelink that delivers continuous value in the late game.

8Hydroid Krasis

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One of the most surprising takeaways from the MC was the absence of Sultai Midrange in the Top 8. The default “best deck” in Standard since Guilds of Ravnica got even better with the addition of Hydroid Krasis from Ravnica Allegiance but couldn’t break through.

Midrange aficionados needn’t worry, however, as Sultai Midrange was the most played deck on Day 2 of the MC, with Noah Ma going undefeated in 10 Standard rounds with the deck and pros like Christian Calcano and Piotr Glogowski getting 8 wins with different variations.

Even as Sultai failed to crack the top 8, Hydroid Krasis, which I foolishly predicted as only the second best card from Ravnica Allegiance behind Angel of Grace, claimed its share of the Sunday stage in Michael Bonde’s Simic Nexus deck. Krasis was the most played creature at the MC, with 182 copies being played in Day 2 decks.

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