Take The First Shot With This Han Solo Blaster Flask

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
November 11, 2015  04:49 AM

The creative team at Insignificant Fish Industries run a popular Etsy shop selling geeky merchandise like glowing arcade coin slot belt buckles, but their coolest creation is this awesome Han Solo blaster flask that they teased on their website. 

Check it out: 



It looks like a perfect replica of Han’s weapon, but the blaster secretly holds 4.4-ounces of your favorite contraband. And the silver barrel unscrews and becomes a 1.5-ounce glass so you can take the first shot. 

There's no word yet whether or not IF Industries is legally allowed to sell these flasks, but I hope it will be available soon. It's one of the coolest Star Wars items I've seen. 

Would you like to get this Han Solo blaster flask? 


Via Thatsnerdalicious

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