Realtor Mistakes Magic: the Gathering Legacy Lands Facebook Group for Real Estate, Hilarity Ensues

Author Thumbnail BY Brian McCormick - November 30, 2017

It's always a struggle promoting your business on the internet, especially if you are an up and coming real estate agent. One realtor discovered this the hard way when he posted a solicitation to a Magic: the Gathering Legacy lands Facebook group that he thought was about real estate.

Here's what happened:

Apparently, real estate solicitations happen to this Magic: the Gathering Legacy lands group quite often. It isn't surprising as the group has the gag name of New England Real Estate Coalition. They even have a professional looking banner to suit.

While that might be confusing to some real estate agents looking for quick business, a look at the group About Us description quickly reveals their true purpose.

"For discussion of the Magic: The Gathering legacy deck 'Lands' in all of its varieties and flavors. All are welcome, whether you play the deck, are trying to build the deck, or even just want to learn more about the deck for your own legacy matchup knowledge. The more the merrier! "

The real estate agent's post appears to have been deleted. We can neither confirm nor deny if he was able to acquire a Rishidan Port for the group member, but we hope everything worked out for the best.

You can find the New England Real Estate Coalition's Facebook group here.

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