Pokemon Gold & Silver Sprites Reveal A Naughty Secret When Viewed Together

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - February 16, 2017
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Most people who played the Pokemon Game Boy games as a child have fun memories, but if you discovered that the games weren't as child-friendly and innocent as you remember. 

You probably noticed that the sprites of several generation 2 Pokemon were different between the Gold and Silver versions, but most of us have never seen the connection until Redditor ZeraX7 pointed out the dirty secret behind them. 

Here's the Ratata sprite for Pokemon Gold

Here's the Ratata sprite for Pokemon Silver

Did you noticed anything different? If you stop looking at them as two different beings, and instead see them as one creature with two backs, it would help you see a potential joke that the developers may have included in the games. 

Still don't see it? Thankfully, ZeraX7 shared a visual mock-up of the naughty secret:

Now you probably won't see these games the same way again. Who knew Pokemon would feature sexual innuendos? 

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