New Art Work Features Christian Bale As Marvel’s New Captain Britain

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
June 28, 2017  01:19 PM

Marvel Studios is looking to expand its cosmic universe on the big screen and President Kevin Feige has just recently revealed that the studio has been discussing the possibility of adding Captain Britain to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.   Though there isn’t any certainty as to when Marvel is going to introduce Captain America’s mystical British counterpart to the big screen, some fans have started imagining what a few Hollywood actors would look like if they played the role.

This includes Warner Bros. former Batman star, Christian Bale. The critically-acclaimed, award winning actor has had lot of experience starring in comicbook movies, and his British roots make him a good candidate for Captain Britain. Artist BossLogic has decided to share a photoshopped art piece of Bale as Captain Britain, and while it does take liberties on the superhero’s design, it does look pretty good.

Check out the art piece down here:

While some fans may complain over the altered pattern of Captain Britain’s suit, BossLogic’s design seems to fit Bale very well. Of course, there’s absolutely no basis of Bale being Captain Britain and Marvel still hasn’t confirmed when they’d add the character into the MCU however it’s still pretty fun imagining different actors for the role.

Who’d you like to play Captain Britain? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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