Game of Thrones Fans Have Proof That Bran Stark is The Night King

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - September 04, 2017
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Warning: possible Game of Thrones spoilers ahead

With only one season left to go before HBO's Game of Thrones ends, there's still a handful of theories for fans to discuss, and one of the most popular one is the theory that claims that the Night King is actually Bran Stark. How? According to the theory, Bran went back to the past, warged the man the Children of the Forest turned into the Night King,and tried to warn them not to create the White Walkers, but he ended up being stuck in the Night King's body.

This may seem too far-fetched for others but fans have found more clues that suggest that Bran is indeed the Night King. 

Tumblr | tomfooleryprime/ HBO

Tumblr | tomfooleryprime/ HBO


Tumblr | tomfooleryprime/ HBO


First off, Redditor sannybop pointed out the formation of the army of the White Walkers seen in the Season 7 finale. The formation resembles the sigil of House Stark. 

(HBO - via Reddit - sannybop)

For reference, here's what the Stark banner looks like:

(Image credit: HBO)

But that's not all. Fans have found another piece that adds credence to this theory. Click "Continue" below to see. 

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