Every Star Wars Movie Villain Ranked From Worst to Best

Author Thumbnail BY Abigail Gruchacz - January 11, 2017
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Although we love our scrappy rebels and wise Jedi, Star Wars wouldn’t be much of a story without its villains. It is called Star Wars after all, which implies a conflict between two sides. It wouldn’t be much of a war if everyone got along and was nice to each other. We need some epic protagonists in the galaxy to keep things a little bit more interesting. The Empire and the Sith generate conflict and therefore the drama of the Star Wars Universe. Of course, the Star Wars universe is wider than just the Rebellion vs. the Empire or even Jedi vs. Sith. There are bounty hunters, gangsters, and jerks in bars. The result is a villains gallery, colorful and wicked enough to challenge most superheroes’ casts of villains. We’re going to rank these diabolical schemers and low-lifes from Jabba’s minions to the most powerful Sith in the galaxy. Enjoy the list!

#37- The Gamorrean Guards

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Like most creatures in the Star Wars universe, these guys have a pretty cool design. They’re giant walking green boars with pointy sticks! They’re exactly the kind of alien you would want as your enforcers, and they look great in Jabba’s palace during Return of the Jedi. But they commit the greatest sin of any villain; they don’t do anything! They don’t even get to fight when Luke and the gang begin the fight on Jabba’s barge. Oh well, at least they’re fun to beat up in the Knights of the Old Republic games.

#36- Conan Antonio Motti

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You might remember Conan Antonio Motti as “that guy Vader choked during a staff meeting.” He’s a slimy little guy who only exist in the film to show what a badass Vader is. Granted, if he had done something besides run his big mouth, it would have been distracting from the more important things in the scene. The scene needed to establish the fact that Vader is a badass and that the Death Star is very dangerous. Motti died in the Death Star explosion without the movie even noting his passing.  

#35- Nute Gunray and the Trade Federation

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Honestly, not even The Clone Wars cartoon could make these guys menacing or notable. Does anyone remember what they did or what they accomplished? They failed to invade Naboo, their armies were stopped by a nine-year-old and freaking Jar-Jar Binks. In Revenge of the Sith they are fodder for Anakin’s Dark Side rampage and he cuts them down. To top it all off, they have stereotypical and cringe-inducing “Asian” accents. Nute Gunray and his Trade Federation were ill-conceived and their villany falls flat on it’s face.

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