Every Major Casualty From Avengers: Infinity War

Author Thumbnail BY Jon Arvedon - April 28, 2018

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War, now in theaters nationwide.

With a name like Avengers: Infinity War, it hardly comes as a surprise that a number of characters didn’t make it out of Marvel Studios’ biggest superhero blockbuster to date alive. Some of the deaths are gruesome and definitive, while others are intentionally vague, but in each and every case, they’re impactful.

Of course, we’d be foolish to think all of these fatalities will wind up being permanent, but regardless of what the future might hold, here’s every major casualty from Avengers: Infinity War:

#1- Heimdall

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After a brief skirmish with Thanos, Hulk quickly finds himself outmatched against the Mad Titan. While lying on the ground recuperating, Heimdall quickly transports the Green Goliath back to Earth to warn everyone of the impending threat. Unfortunately, he’s rewarded for his actions with a spear to the heart, courtesy of the Black Order.

#2- Loki

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When Thanos decides to send the Black Order to Earth to seek out several of the Infinity Stones, Loki offers to be their guide. However, as Thor is quick to notice, the trickster has a few things left up his sleeve – in this case, a dagger is one of them. When he pulls the blade on Thanos, though, the Mad Titan grabs Loki by the throat, amused by the spectacle, and then proceeds to choke the life out of Loki as Thor cries out in despair. Of course, the God of Mischief has cheated death in the past, but there’s likely no coming back from this one. 

#3- Gamora

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“A soul for a soul” – those are the words we hear from the Red Skull, as he explains to Thanos that the only way to get the elusive Soul Stone is to sacrifice something – or rather someone – that he loves. This elicits a laugh from Gamora, as she refuses to believe her adopted father is even capable of love, but as he turns around and we see tears running down his face, it becomes clear that there’s at least one thing in life that he truly loves. Nevertheless, he refuses to let this get in the way of his life’s work, so he grabs his daughter and throws her from the cliffs of Volmir, sending her falling to her death.

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