Every Game Of Thrones Episode Ranked From Worst To First

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By Jon Arvedon | More Articles
September 13, 2017  05:26 PM

Game of Thrones is something of an anomaly in the sense that unlike many television series that have gone on for five or more seasons, there really aren’t any outright bad episodes. Each and every chapter of the saga that’s unfolded before our eyes over the course of the last six years has its merits, but regardless of how praiseworthy the series has been, we can all agree that some episodes stand far above others.

With 67 episodes in the can, we here at Epicstream decided to take a look back at each and every one of them and see which ones reign supreme and which ones leave us wanting more. Here is every Game of Thrones episode ranked from worst to first:

67Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (S5E6)

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While "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" includes enough plot revelations to offer hope for future episodes, poorly-paced storytelling and unnecessary, excessive brutality make it a bit of a hard pill to swallow. Ramsay’s forced consummation of his and Sansa’s marriage is beyond disturbing to watch, while Jaime and Bronn’s battle against the Sand Snakes makes for one of the worst-choreographed fight scenes of the entire series.

66No One (S6E8)

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"No One" sees a few fan favorites return to the playing field, and it also moves the final few pieces into place for the highly-anticipated showdown between Jon and Ramsay. However, the episode also focuses heavily on the culmination of Arya's Braavos adventure, which is arguably the most painfully drawn out plot line of the series to date. While table-setting is important and necessary, it would have been nice if the episode had just a bit more meat to it.

65Blood of My Blood (S6E6)

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Admittedly, “Blood of My Blood” is packed with plenty of crowd-pleasing moments, such as Jaime’s standoff with the High Sparrow and the return of such characters as Walder Frey, Drogon, and Benjen. Nevertheless, speaking in terms of plot progression, the majority of the happenings of this episode are of little significance, unduly emphasizing content that has no real impact on the main storyline.

64The Red Woman (S6E1)

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What does “The Red Woman” accomplish? Well, it confirms that the titular red priestess Melisandre is incredibly old, and it also confirms that Ellaria and the Sand Snakes are some of the weakest links on the show. What it doesn’t do is provide any real payoff for the massive Season 5 cliffhanger in which Jon was killed by his Night’s Watch brethren. Still, Sansa’s touching reunion with Brienne of Tarth and Cersei’s heartbreaking reaction to the news of Myrcella’s death manage to give the episode plenty of heart. 

63The Wars to Come (S5E1)

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“The Wars to Come” is in many ways your run-of-the-mill season premiere, existing primarily to remind viewers which major players are still in the game. There are certainly some excellent moments, such as Jon’s mercy killing of Mance Rayder and the start of Tyrion’s journey in Braavos, but after an outstanding Season 4 finale, the events of this episode – for the most part – feel lackluster by comparison.

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