Emma Stone Gets Batgirl Treatment In New Fan Art

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - March 01, 2017
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Last week, Warner Bros. revealed that it was working on a DC Expanded Universe feature film for Nightwing, announcing that the studio was trying to tap The Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay to helm the film.

For the past few days DC fans have been busy debating which Hollywood star would fit the blue and black suit of Dick Grayson better and graphic artists have been posting renditions of celebrities as Nightwing online. There’s been one for Vampire Diaries’ Steven R. McQueen, one for The Walking Dead’s Steve Yeun and even one fan piece of Zack Effron as Batman’s former Robin.

Now, it seems like some artists have moved on from Nightwing imaginings to creating designs of another popular Batman sidekick – Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl. BossLogic, a graphic designer known for creating superhero renditions of Hollywood celebrities has just shared a new piece featuring Academy Award winning actress Emma Stone as the fiery Batgirl.

Check it out down here:

Boss Logic features two different versions of the image, one with the mask and one without it. Either way, Stone looks great as Barabara. However, while Stone suiting up as Batman’s female apprentice would please some fans, chances are the critically-acclaimed actress would decide to focus on smaller, award-centric films instead of shifting to the box office. After all, the young star did shine well in films like La La Land and Birdman.  Let’s just wait and see how the tides turn.

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