Disney Animation Artist Creates Pixar-Esque X-Men Covers

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - November 09, 2017

While fans wait and see if Disney buys out 21st Century Fox to get their assets back, they can now take a glimpse at what the X-Men would look like if they had an animated film made by the House of Mouse. Marvel has revealed a set of connecting variant covers for the upcoming Phoenix Resurrection series created by Victor Hugo, a retired Walt Disney Animation artist.

These lovely pieces of art will be variant covers for Jean Grey #11 and Phoenix Resurrection #2-#5, all of which will be available in January. Phoenix Resurrection #1 will be available in December, but will not have a variant from Hugo. It looks like Marvel really wants fans to know that Jean Grey #11 will be a very important issue.

(Marvel Comics)

Hugo admitted to being a huge Marvel fan during a press release for the comic, calling his work on the variant covers a milestone in his life. It’s easy to see why since the covers are gorgeous and use 3D models instead of pencil drawings, making them stand out from most comics. That’s not to say regular comic covers are bad, look at all the Phoenix Resurrection covers from Marvel artist Leinil Yu, but the Hugo variants sure look different from anything else in the stands.

All of Hugo’s X-Men variants will be available in January. Phoenix Resurrection starts in December and ends in January.

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