Did Rey Just Flip to the Dark Side? Let's Talk About That Trailer Scene

Author Thumbnail BY Brian McCormick - October 09, 2017

In case you missed The Last Jedi trailer, or want to watch it again (of course you do!) here it is:

That. Last. Scene. HOLY #%^! What just happened? To recap: Rey was just mentally assaulted by Snoke (trying to break her we assume), followed by a scene where Rey tells Kylo Ren, "I need someone to show me my place in all this." Kylo then extends his hand and the scene ends.

This begs the question: Did Rey get flipped to the Dark Side? Yes, it is possible that Snoke somehow broke her, and Kylo convinced her to team up and live happily ever after as rulers of the Galaxy. But, isn't that too obvious of a reveal that they wouldn't want to give it away?

It also doesn't seem like something Rey would do at all. She has shown great resistance to the Dark Side so far. All of this may be a ruse with some clever editing to obfuscate what is really going on. There are some very important clues that lead us to believe Rey is not the one that flips sides, instead it is Kylo Ren. We see him in an earlier scene saying, "let the past die" as he smashed his helmet into a wall- as if to say, I am no longer what this mask represents, I am my own man.

This theory seems contradicted in the next scene, where Kylo goes head to head vs his Mother's (General Leia Organa) ship, with his finger on the trigger button ready to destroy it. Perhaps this is also clever editing. We don't know the order of the scenes in the movie. It could be, he had last second regrets, fled, and that this scene is actually followed by the scene where he smashes his helmet and wants to move in a new direction with his life.

So why would Kylo flip? After an epic fight, perhaps he saves Rey from Snoke, there is a reconciliation, and Rey asks him for help. In fact, I think this is much more likely the case than Rey switching sides. Kylo has always shown he has a great inner conflict, while Rey seems to stand firmly on the side of good. Why would Rey ever ask Kylo Ren for help after he killed Han Solo? That doesn't make sense at all. It is doubtful that Rey was able to be turned by Snoke, because she was able to resist Kylo and fight back mentally with absolutely no training in The Force Awakens. And it is clear the first thing that happens sequentially after The Force Awakens, is Rey receiving additional training from Luke Skywalker. Therefore, the only reason Rey would team up with Ren is if he had some BIG redeeming quality. Which likely means he decided to help the resistance, save her life, Leia's, or Lukes.

Do you think Rey turned the Dark Side, or that Kylo Ren had a change of heart? Or perhaps that the last scene was even more clever editing and Rey isn't even talking to Kylo? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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