9 Minor Characters Making a Splash from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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February 18, 2016  09:23 PM

It’s no surprise to anyone on the internet that the main characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens are a huge hit. Rey, Finn, Poe and Kylo Ren have already garnered themselves a huge fanbase. But they’re not the only characters that struck a chord with viewers. Many incredibly minor characters in the film have gained a fervent cult following, even those who didn’t get so much as a name in the film itself. Not only that, but these fans have pieced together a surprising amount of information about these characters through tie-in materials.

So let’s take a look at some of the most popular minor characters in The Force Awakens, discuss why they’ve gripped the fandom so and talk about what we know about them! Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing more of them in the sequels. Who were your favorite minor characters from The Force Awakens? Can you think of any notable ones this article didn’t cover?

1Jessika Pava

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The Resistance X-wing pilot played by Jessica Henwick didn’t get a name in the film, but eagle eyed fans and those familiar with the tie-in material know she’s called Jessika Pava, and her nickname is Testor. She appeared in a tie-in novel called Weapon of the Jedi, where she asked C3PO to tell her about Luke Skywalker.

Art by Phil Noto from Weapon of the Jedi

Not much may be known about Jessika, but she’s really captured fans hearts. Jessica Lachinal wrote an article on The Mary Sue about the Asian representation in The Force Awakens where she discussed how great it was to finally see someone who looks like her in the Star Wars universe through Jessika. She related deeply to Jess’s fangirling of Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles.

Jessika is also paired up with Rey a lot in fanart. Sure, they’ve never interacted, but Jess is basically the only girl around Rey’s age in the movie. So for those who are rooting for a lesbian Rey, this is their main ship. Even if that weren’t the case, they look pretty cute together. The ship is sailing strong- there’s already 128 fanworks on A03 alone. Jessica Henwick herself is totally on board for some Jess-on-Rey action, as she’s retweeted some fanart of the pairing. By the way, if you want to know the pairing name, it’s BlueRey, mashing up Rey’s name and Jess’s call sign, which is Blue Three. Pretty cute. 

2Admiral Statura

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Lachinal mentioned this man as another example of positive Asian representation in the film. He’s a Resistance leader and he’s the one who suggests blowing up the oscillator at the Starkiller base. As Lachinal puts it, it’s great to have a dude who knows how to blow stuff up on your crew.

According to the novelization, Statura was born in Garel and fought to liberate it from the First Order before being recruited by Leia. He has a background in applied sciences and worked as the Resistance’s commander of ship procurement and logistics before being promoted to admiral. No wonder he know what the blow up on a ship! And as a fun aside, the actor, Ken Leung was on Lost and acted in the third X-men movie.

3Bazine Netal

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Bazine Netal was the mercenary who informed the First Order of Finn and Rey’s location when they went to Maz’s place. Her appearance was pretty striking, especially her hardcore makeup- there are already tutorials out there that will help you achieve the look. But be warned- according to "The Perfect Weapon", an official tie-in short story starring Bazine, that black lipstick is lethal. Those who kiss this mercenary end up on the floor. 

According to the story, Bazine is a master of disguise and she tries to care only about herself. Also (spoilers ahead) the reason she covers her head is someone burned her scalp- and she paid him back double by roasting him with a flamethrower.  And it’s heavily implied that she’s the one who delivered the remains of that Darth Vader helmet to Kylo Ren. Since she’s clearly in good with First Order, we might be seeing more of her in the future. She’s played by Anna Brewster.

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