9 Anime from the Spring Season and Whether You Should Watch

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By Caitlin Donovan | More Articles
July 07, 2016  04:08 PM

At the beginning of the spring anime season, I pinpointed nine anime showing for that season that looked particularly interesting to me. Now the season have ended and I thought it would be good to follow-up and report on whether those anime ended up being any good (in my opinion). I watched the majority of these anime in full, but there were two I dropped after the first 3-4 episodes due to not clicking with them. For those anime, I can only give my impression of the initial episodes and explain why I wasn’t motivated to continue- you should not take it as a reflection on the entire anime.

So without further ado, let’s discuss nine anime from this season and see whether I think they’re worth watching. Feel free to chime in with your own opinions on these anime or talk about anime I didn’t manage to watch from this season.

1My Hero Academia (13 Episodes, Second Season Confirmed)

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My Hero Academia was exactly what I expected it to be: a very solid shonen anime with very nice production values. The story of a young boy attending a school that trains superheroes was animated by Studio Bones. They generally do great work so it’s a given the anime looked pretty. The story itself made absolutely sure you knew it was a shonen with all the expected tropes- the protagonist has a hotheaded rival who is effortlessly good at everything, there’s training montages, complicated fight scenes, the mentor character, the whole shebang.

But the story delivers on the tropes in a likeable, charming way and features a good mix of characters. The lead is actually pretty adorable and I liked that he was genuinely sensitive and prone to tears, that differentiated him a bit from other shonen protagonists. While following the shonen framework, the story has a lot of shout-outs to American superheroes. The “greatest hero” character of All Might could have stepped out from a Silver Age comic book, except for the part where he swears (in English) a lot.

The series has some of the more annoying shonen tropes as well- like the pervert character who spends the majority of the time ~hilariously~ sexually harassing girls. But overall, though, it’s a really fun series to watch. If you like superheroes or if you like shonen anime like Naruto or Hunter x Hunter, you should give this a shot

2The Ace Attorney Anime (Ongoing)

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This is the animated adaptation of the popular video game franchise about a rookie defense attorney…and it had surprisingly low production values. The animation was pretty low quality- characters are often off-model. It at least isn’t inexpressive though. As for the story part of the anime, I’d say it did okay.

Though it was mostly faithful, sometimes it changed or condensed the game’s story in awkward ways- the changes made to the climatic last case were particularly nonsensical and the characters and pacing suffered for it. However, it did add some genuinely good original material and character moments as well-there was an entire episode that filled in the character’s childhood backstory I really enjoyed (and that the game creator may have had a hand in).

So I felt the anime, while very flawed, managed to make some good additions to the canon and I will continue watching it. However, I definitely don’t recommend it as an introduction to the series- you should play the games, they’re better, more consistent and more detailed. Also be aware the anime has some ishy elements like the games, like underage character fanservice and so on. 

3Rin-ne Season 2 (Ongoing)

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Rin-ne is the adaptation of the latest manga by Inuyasha and Ranma ½ author Rumiko Takahashi. The story follows a perpetually poor Shinigami (grim reaper, basically) named Rinne. The second season of the show is pretty much like the first- a straightforward enjoyable-but-not-sidesplitting comedy that will remind you a lot of Takahashi’s other work. Many of the characters are familiar archetypes, though unusually for Takahashi the lead male and female characters/couple aren’t at all belligerent or aggressive toward each other (or anyone else). It’s basically a relaxing watch, especially if you’re nostalgic for that older anime. 

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