7 Questions We Have After Watching Joker

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By Jon Arvedon | More Articles
October 07, 2019  05:02 PM


WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Joker, now in theaters.


Todd Phillips’ Joker danced its way into theaters on Oct. 4 and is currently laughing its way to the bank after earning a record-breaking $93.5 million domestically. However, while the film’s critical and financial success is now set in stone, there are still a number of lingering questions about the world of Arthur Fleck.

So, put on your face paint and your clown shoes because here are seven questions we have after watching Joker:

1How Much of Arthur’s ‘Relationship’ With Sophie Was Real?

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Early on in the film, we’re introduced to Zazie Beetz’s Sophie, a single mother who lives in the same apartment building as Arthur. After a brief encounter in the elevator, the two then quickly begin a relationship… or so it seems.

When Arthur enters Sophie’s apartment unannounced while she’s putting her daughter to bed, it immediately becomes clear that the entire “relationship” was a manifestation of Arthur’s damaged psyche. However, are we to assume none of it was real, including their interaction on the elevator? With Arthur being such an unreliable narrator, it’s hard to say for sure.

2Did Arthur Kill Sophie and Her Daughter?

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Speaking of Sophie and her daughter, one can’t help but wonder if Arthur murdered them.

On the one hand, we never see them again after the apartment scene. Then again, there really wasn’t much more room for them in the remainder of the story, save for maybe a shot of Sophie reacting to Arthur’s full descent into becoming The Joker.

Furthermore, until the final scene of the film (more on that later), the only people Arthur kills are those who’ve wronged him. But, in Arthur’s mind, could he have seen their relationship being an illusion as Sophie wronging him?

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