7 Butt Kicking Heroines in Modern Fantasy

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By Jack Holder | More Articles
August 02, 2016  01:13 PM

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What a time to be a fan of fantasy. Our favorite books have finally made it to the screen, both big and small. The genre is no longer just something shoved to the back of your local bookstore, forgotten by anyone who doesn’t live in a basement. It is a renaissance for fantasy lovers.

With this has come a time for women. Not just actresses getting cast, but the books. Within these pages are women of substance, of monumental character. Women that can knock you flatter than a piece of paper. For these heroines, it doesn’t matter what the weapon of choice is. Pistol, sword, claw or staff, they are all accomplished duelists, and have earned the respect of their peers.

I’m going to institute a SPOILER WARNING, because to deny their accomplishments truly would be a crime. So let’s dive in to the fairer sex, and pray they don’t take offense. 

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