6 Ways Wonder Woman is Changing the Movie Industry

Author Thumbnail BY Caitlin Donovan - June 13, 2017
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In the past couple of weeks, Wonder Woman has been proving all those who thought the movie would flop wrong. It’s broken records, bought in new audiences, made headlines and raked in the cash. But Wonder Woman is more than just a successful movie- it could mark a huge turning point in pop culture and cinema. Some have even speculated that it could incite a huge cultural shift. But what are the specific changes the Wonder Woman could bring about in the movie industry and in general nerd culture? What is it that makes Wonder Woman so special? This list will take through all the different ways Wonder Woman is already shaking up the movies and the ways it could continue to shake them up. So buckle in and let’s see what a wonder one movie can be!

Here are 6 Ways Wonder Woman is Changing the Movie Industry:

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