50 Underplayed Magic: The Gathering Red Commander Cards

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles
January 04, 2019  03:46 PM
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Today we are taking a look at the most underrated and underused Red Commander cards in Magic: The Gathering. Red has some of the wildest and most diverse abilities of any color and typically have land and artifact destruction, direct damage, combat tricks, mana production, and randomness. Red has such a diverse and long history of powerful cards, that many of them are overlooked and see little play.

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Here are 50 of the most underplayed Magic: The Gathering Red Commander cards that you should consider for your green deck:

1Ashling's Prerogative

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If most of the cards in your deck are either odd or even, Ashling's Prerogative can be used to your advantage. At only 2 mana it can give most of your creatures haste (and your opponents) as well as having a good chunk of your opponent's creatures enter play tapped, which will allow you to attack through for additional damage.


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Make every creature unblockable? Yes, please! Red isn't too concerned with blocking anyway. Combo this with cards that give extra effects when they deal combat damage to a player.

3Braid of Fire

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Braid of Fire was originally released when mana burn still existed. For those who don't know, you used to take 1 point of life loss for unused mana in your mana pool at the end of each phase or step. Now that those rules are gone, Braid of Fire is much better. Fill your deck with powerful instant speed spells to fully utilize this cards insane mana production.

4Burning Sands

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Thinking of running a red burn deck? Don't stop at Ensnaring Bridge, add Burning Sands as well! Pair with cards like Blasphemous Act to eliminate all of your opponent's creatures and lands while maintaining your own.

5Caverns of Despair

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Tired of losing to swarm decks? Don't despair! Ensnaring Bridge is a better choice overall, but Caverns can make for a strong secondary defense. As an enchantment, it's harder to remove than its sometimes played cousin Grand Arbiter.

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