5 Times Thor And Hulk Fought In The Comics

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By Jon Arvedon | More Articles
November 28, 2018  08:35 AM
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Fans have long been clamoring for a live-action interpretation of the Planet Hulk storyline, but due to licensing issues, that may not be possible. However, when we learned that Thor: Ragnarok would prominently feature Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner/Hulk and that the film would take place largely off-planet, fans began to speculate. Then, there was the reveal of Hulk’s gladiator armor at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, adding further fuel to the fire. Finally, Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi himself confirmed that Thor and Hulk would be reunited on the planet Sakaar – the same world featured in the seminal Hulk storyline.

From what we’ve seen in the marketing material thus far, the clash of the two MCU titans on Sakaar promises to one of the biggest highlights of the film, so in anticipation of the superhero slugfest, we here at Epicstream decided to look back at the source material to find some of the greatest battles between the God of Thunder and the Green Goliath. Here are 5 times Thor and Hulk fought in the comics:

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