5 Reasons Why Magneto Being In Hydra Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Author Thumbnail BY Jon Arvedon - March 10, 2017
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Per usual with the House of Ideas, a major comic book event is lurking around the corner in the form of Secret Empire – the Captain America/Hydra-centric event that promises to reveal Steve Rogers’ recent double life as an agent of Hydra to the greater Marvel Universe.

Fans will likely remember the outrage that came from the reveal of Captain America’s uncharacteristic heel turn nearly one year ago. However, upon the release Dan Mora’s Secret Empire “Villains of Hydra” variant covers, fans are up in arms for a whole new reason, as Max Eisenhardt – better known as Magneto – appears to have aligned himself with the villainous organization that, historically, has very close ties to the Nazi party.

It’s a baffling move by the publisher; one that has many fans scratching their heads, and for good reason, too. Here are five reasons why Magneto being in Hydra doesn’t make any sense:

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