5 Incredible Sagas of Fandom Scams and Deception

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By Caitlin Donovan | More Articles
November 05, 2015  09:55 PM

Sometimes it seems like fandom is a breeding ground for tangled webs of lies and deceit. It’s not surprising fans are so often targeted by scammers, con artists and plain old weirdos. Geeks tend to be obsessive, socially isolated people and it’s easy for people like us to get overexcited about something and hooked on someone and subsequently be caught in their web. Con artists and liars have to be pretty obsessive themselves, so they’re going to fit right in.

However, some sagas of fandom-oriented liars and cheats are so dramatic, ridiculous or out there that they seem like they seem like they should be a movie script or novel themselves. Let’s take look at the most torrid dramas fandom has to offer. Follow me into a twisted, nightmarish world full of identity theft, faked deaths, cult leaders and even undead shaman wizards.  A lot of these people are still at large as well, so let this article serve as a warning: don't fall for their tricks.

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