5 Anime Tropes That Break the Rules of Fantasy Fiction

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By Benjamin Hill | More Articles
December 14, 2015  05:31 AM

Anime has always provided us with unique, often weird stories that emerge from one simple question – what if? A lot of Japanese animation has supernatural or fantasy elements, and methods of conflict that couldn't be pulled off in other mediums. That said, there are lots of tropes in anime that defy the conventions of typical fantasy fiction writing, and lots of shows would fail for this reason if they were turned into novels. Even fantasy and sci-fi stories have to make sense and be believable for the reader or viewer to buy in to them, and in anime this simply isn't always the case.

There are definitely anime series out there that follow the rules of fantasy fiction, and would make excellent novels, such as Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. But other shows have epic battles or bizarre situations that are purely for entertainment purposes, and don't care to be limited by the accepted standards of fantasy storytelling. And there's nothing wrong with that. After all, those are often the shows that are successful. Still, I think it's really interesting to examine some of the tropes we've all seen in anime, and how they break the rules of fiction. So we thought we would present a list of 5 anime tropes that break the rules of fantasy fiction. Take a look!

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