35 Underplayed Magic: The Gathering White Commander Cards

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles
August 27, 2018  06:49 PM
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Today we are taking a look at the most underrated and underused white Commander cards in Magic: The Gathering. White is well known for silver bullet catch-all cards that are some of the most powerful answers in Magic. Abilities like exiling creatures, preventing damage, and removing graveyards, allow white to stop game-winning strategies to be executed by opponents. Most of this colors powerful cards are well known and often played, but there's a lot that are overlooked and forgotten.


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In no particular order, here are 35 of the most underplayed Magic: The Gathering white Commander cards that you should consider for your white deck:

1Righteous Aura

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Righteous Aura is a powerful tool for any white deck. For one white mana, a single source of damage will only result in the loss of 2 life. Also, this card does not use the word target. That means you can prevent damage from a creature with Hexproof or Shroud.


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I've been using Pariah for years. I love popping this on my own Stuffy Doll or a creature with Indestructible. Pariah acts like a pacifism with benefits. It also has some political advantages. A player will think twice about attacking you if they know the damage will be redirected to another creature instead.


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Gift of Estates is played in many white Commander decks, but it's older cousin, Tithe is just as good. Instant speed is your friend and you can play this at the end of your opponent's turn to ensure you get two Plains instead of one. Cutting a single Plains from your deck for Tithe will add consistency. As a side note, the old school art on this card is quite beautiful.

4Lapse of Certainty

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Lapse is good because it breaks the color pie. White has very few counterspells, but this is one of the best. When your opponent taps out to cast a spell, Lapsing essentially turns into a Time Walk, as they are forced to draw that card again.

5Jotun Grunt

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Four power and toughness is exceptional for 2 mana. Not only that, the "ability" meant to make it worse, actually makes it better. In a Commander game with multiple players (or versus a graveyard recursion deck), Jotun lets you counteract graveyard synergies.

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