30 Underplayed Magic: The Gathering Green Commander Cards

Author Thumbnail BY Brian McCormick - December 06, 2018
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Today we are taking a look at the most underrated and underused green Commander cards in Magic: The Gathering. Green is more linear than other colors and typically have strong creatures, mana ramping effects, graveyard to hand recursion, and hate for artifacts & enchantments. Unlike other colors, most of green's powerful Commander cards have already been discovered, but often see less play than they should.

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In no particular order, here are 30 of the most underplayed Magic: The Gathering white Commander cards that you should consider for your green deck:

#1- Tranquil Grove

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Most people tend to use one shot enchantment removal in Commander. With long games, you may have to face off against multiple powerful enchantments and run out of answers. For this reason, Tranquil Grove is especially powerful because it has a recurring way to destroy all enchantments at every stage of the game.

#2- Plow Under

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Plow Under is one of my favorite green cards of all time. It is especially powerful in a Commander Deck that can generate 5 mana on turn 3. I've had many opponents scoop to an early Plow Under powered by Sol Ring. It's basically a double-time walk since it sets your opponent back two land drops and two draws.

#3- Stunted Growth

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While not quite as powerful as setting your opponent back two land drops, Stunted Growth is still a very powerful card. Casting this early sets your opponent back 3 card draws.

#4- Unravel the Aether

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Deglamer is a pretty popular answer in Commander right now, but if you want to double up on ways to deal with indestructible artifacts and enchantments, Unravel the Aether is a good choice. Most people have forgotten about this twin of Deglamer.

#5- Broken Fall

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Regerating a creature for 3 mana is nothing to write home about, but being able to buy it back at no mana cost is excellent. If you plan on playing some big creatures that you want to survive destruction effects, Broken Fall is an excellent choice for long-term card advantage.

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